Stump Grinding


Recommended for all of the following:

Robinia, elm, ash, Tree of Heaven, Oleander, Umbrella, Camphor Laurel, Peppercorn, Carob (flame tree), Hawthorn. Lantana, Liquid amber, Tecoma, Olive, some fruit trees, Eucalypts.

We recommend a poisoning regime for the all stumps of the above.  Stumps are still alive and grinding will only remove the stump – peripheral roots will then spring into life, producing many new trees.

Regime – Use only “Tree & Blackberry Killer” available at any hardware store. Read and follow mixing directions.

Drill at least 8 holes around the edge of the bark where it meets the internal wood (Cambrian layer) and immediately (within 1 minute) fill the holes with the mixture.  Cover the stump with waterproof plastic and weigh down.

After 10-14 days, re-drill more holes and repeat process.

Wait 10-14 days, re-drill holes and repeat.  Watch closely for any new growth and if any, brush with mixture on any dry day.

If there is an absence of new growth after 8 weeks from the initial poisoning, we can be reasonably assured the stump is dead and grinding can go ahead.

WHAT TO DO IF  a Stump has been ground, but there is re-growth

  1. Use only ‘Tree & Blackberry Killer’ (avail at Hardware Stores)
  2. Mix with Diesel according to directions on label.  Store in a glass jar – do not store in plastic.
  3. Using an old paint brush, on a dry day, brush poison on any re-growth leaves or on freshly cut exposed roots.  If any old stump remains – drill a fresh hole and pour a little mixture in.
  4. Cover with plastic if dew or rain expected within 36 hours.  Weigh the plastic down – take plastic off after 36 hours
  5. Repeat every time new shoots appear, re-cut exposed roots (use secatures) and repeat steps 3 & 4
  6. After 10 weeks, if there is an absence of new re-growth, there is a good chance  the remaining stumps and roots are dead.
  7. Ring us on 0418 845 182 to make arrangements for the area to be  ground properly.

With the above named trees, there can be no 100% guarantee, but by following the above steps you will be in the best position to win the war.

Happy gardening